Package Cost $350

A Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a new life or to honour a new adopted family member and formally welcome them into a family group.

Celebrating with family and friends creates a lasting memory to be treasured by all involved. This can give special recognition to the name of your child, and also to the God Parents, Guardian or Support people selected as their Mentors.

There is no legal responsibility to the Mentor or God Parent/Guardian to raise the child in the event of the parents. This aspect should be catered for with a legal will.

My Guarantee and fee includes:

  • I offer an initial no obligation meeting at my home or a convenient location for a get to know you, and you me, and to see is you feel comfortable with me and the services I offer.
  • Once you have engaged my services I offer a comprehensive Ceremony Pack which includes all information and a selection of poems, and wording to help design your own personal celebration.
  • This could include the planting of a tree in honour, a balloon release, special poems in the name of the child, a plaque to attach to a tree, a canvas for all to add their thumb prints and name as leaves on a tree.
  • I offer a presentation of a Naming certificate as a memory of the day and a complimentary copy of the service on appropriate paper.
  • You could also include the acknowledgement of Grandparents and Great-Grandparents on this special occasion.
  • As many phone calls, emails and contact as needed to fine tune your ceremony to guarantee it is perfect for your day.
  • Provision of a portable PA system, and cordless mic to ensure all guests can here the ceremony on the day.
  • Travel to and from your ceremony, arriving at least 30ins before commencing, allowing adequate time for your celebration ceremony.